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Sunday, September 4
Unheeded lessons from another urban catastrophe.

Thursday, August 18
Bill Clinton's Plan for World Domination

Sunday, June 19

Tim Duncan - wtf?
I've seen Chris Webber play badly in big games, but today's game by Duncan rivals that. Duncan has two rings, so that mitigates it, but this was crazy. 3-for-9 on free throws and a missed layup on a chance to win it in regulation? Wow.

PS. The game just ended. Big Shot Bob(by). Unreal.

Tuesday, June 14

"Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish"
Steve Jobs gives the commencement speech at Stanford. The reception, needless to say, was much more positive than it was for the speaker when I graduated.

(article, video -- quicktime)

Sunday, June 5

Salas one-up over critics

Salas has admitted that he enjoyed silencing the critics.

"Three days ago they were telling me that I should retire and now I'm going to enjoy this a lot." (article)

Saturday, June 4

Online Money

We're no longer in the age of AllAdvantage, where you get paid just for having a broadband connection, but there's still easy money to be had on the Internet. While I may eventually delve into the world of eBay and Gratis, right now I'm into the relatively low-risk transcription, editing, and surveys.

Tuesday, May 31

Twenty years after its release, a recent study claims that Back to the Future was the perfect family film.

The movie, starring Michael J Fox, had the perfect ingredients for family viewing, researchers found.

Comedy was voted the most important ingredient by 40% of families. Adventure and romance were joint second with 15% each.

The Harry Potter films came second on the list, followed by Home Alone and The Goonies. (article, Back to the Future site)

Friday, May 27

Data Theft at Stanford's Career Dev't Center?

Stanford University is notifying about 9,600 users of its Career Development Center of a network intrusion on May 11 that may have exposed their names, Social Security numbers and other personal information.

Notices of the attack are being sent through the U.S. Postal Service or e-mail to students and alumni who have used the Career Development Center since 1995 to help find jobs.

The attacker has not yet been identified. (article)

Tuesday, May 24

Not-OK computer: Cubs tell Zambrano to cut back on use

Cubs right-hander Carlos Zambrano has been told to cut back on his computer time because the hours he's spending typing could be contributing to his elbow problems.

Zambrano said he had been logging about four hours a day communicating via e-mail with his brother.

"I have to spend one hour and take it easy," Zambrano said. (article)

Tuesday, May 17

Boss Robson hails fantastic feat

West Brom boss Bryan Robson was ecstatic after they avoided relegation on the final day of the season. A 2-0 victory over Portsmouth, combined with their three relegation rivals all failing to win, saw them stay up.

"This is the best ever," said Robson. "It is a fantastic feeling. The boys have done me proud and worked their socks off. They deserve this.

"I feel sorry for the other managers. I feel great now but I can understand how the others must feel." (article)

Wednesday, May 11