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Thursday, November 27
BBC NEWS | South Asia | India's new age election campaign

Wednesday, November 26
Animation Express: Perky Turkey

Politicians use population density maps to decide where to campaign
Choropleth Maps

Largest immigration wave in US history since 2000, half illegal
"The past two years prove conclusively that immigration today is wholly unrelated to economic needs and conditions in this country." - federal immigration rep.


Got the Canon Powershot a70.

Interim Leaders in Georgia Back Presidential Candidate
The other Georgia


10 face transplants to be performed in UK
For people with severe facial disfigurements

Multimedia description (Flash)

Tuesday, November 25
Fasting fakir flummoxes physicians
Doctors and experts are baffled by an Indian hermit who claims not to have eaten or drunk anything for several decades - but is still in perfect health.

Truly Anonymous Email
Spammers' best friend

Monday, November 24
Love as addictive as cocaine, say scientists
'Attraction and lust really is like a drug. It leaves you just wanting more,' he said.


First synthetic vaccine against Haemophilus influenzae type B
causes pneumonia and meningitis
kills 500,000 children a year, mostly in developing countries


Report: Steroids found at Bonds' trainer's home
There was no information in the report linking Bonds himself to the drugs.

Bonds hopes BALCO storm blows over (video)
Bonds' personal trainer, Greg Anderson, is one of four men charged this month in an alleged
steroid-distribution ring that federal prosecutors say supplied dozens of professional athletes
with banned substances.

"I feel bad for him," Bonds said. "I feel sad. We grew up together. We're friends. It's
unfortunate what he's having to go through."


Has Mickey jumped the shark?
"When Walt was around we didn't have as much regulation as we do now. When I came in I was told we had to conform to a standard."

Winnie the Pooh merchandise is now outselling Mickey items.


U.N. appoints HIV-positive puppet as "champion for children"
UNICEF said Kami has "brought levity and compassion to a topic that so often evokes the opposite"


Jump around on the animated trampoline
I fell off and died. Do better.

Sunday, November 23

I want to buy a digital camera (my old one broke). 3x optical zoom, 3 megapixel necessary.


Soybean fuel more economical and smells better than diesel
Beans, beans, good for your engine...

Saturday, November 22

Kevin Bacon Super Bowl Visa Ad
Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon


The complete collection



Friday, November 21

Romeo Must Die

Sometimes you win, and Dim Sum, YOU LOSE!



Nappy roots' videos
Aw Naw, Hell Naw

Weird Al

Weird Al
It's All About the Pentiums


Worldwide poverty quiz
Num living at less than $1/day?
% of population growth happening in developing countries?

AIDS Is a Major Problem, but One with a Possible Solution
Money alone will solve little, more HIV treatment is needed.


Meteor killed 90% of life 250 m years ago, study shows
Rock analysis process described
Dinosaurs exterminated in similar incident 200 m years later


'Family Guy' may return in Jan. 2005
Thanks to high DVD demand and syndication ratings.

Thursday, November 20

Using 3D animation to recreate the JFK assassination
The animation itself is not online, just the description of how the animation was produced and the conclusions drawn.


Why do thin guys always seem to win eating contests?
Kobayashi's regimen includes shrinking his gut by jogging for hours, then distending it by chugging gallons of water.

Distend - To swell out or expand from or as if from internal pressure.


US Government memo details purported link btw. Bin Laden and Hussein


Wired 11.12: START :: how to rip a dvd

Computer specs for producing Lord of the Rings

Judge: DVD-copying software is illegal
After eight months of deliberation, a San Francisco federal judge has ruled
that software company 321 Studios' popular DVD-copying products are illegal.


Berlin to Get Trash Cans That Can Talk
Powered by solar cells
Some of the baskets will be programmed to say "Thank you" or "Merci" instead of "Danke"
At night, the cans will be silent and there will be green lights around them.

Wednesday, November 19

FedEx Delivers New Tech Lab
Includes life sciences, transportation, AI
Partnerships with universities and industry


Rahul and PhotoArt


How to make crop circles
With a rope and iron


Outsourcing not always a money saver
Workers cheaper, but incidental costs are higher
Nearly 20 percent of companies that farmed out IT work did not achieve any cost reductions, while 9.2 percent experienced an increase in costs

outsourcing in Chandigar, Bangalore

2/1: The New Face of the Silicon Age
2/22:U.S. Payrolls Change Lives in Bangalore


Business Travel: Fewer Airline Passengers, but More-Crowded Planes


Inside the mind of an international techie techno DJ
2 days, 3 shows, 3 countries


Kasparov/X3D Fritz match ends in tie

Tuesday, November 18

Too much water can kill: "A 21-year-old student at Southern Methodist University remained hospitalized in critical condition Monday after chugging water in an off-campus competition with fraternity members."
drinking too much water, too quickly can swell brain cells and cause head pressure


Ken Livingstone, the Mayor of London, launched a stinging attack on President George Bush last night, denouncing him as the "greatest threat to life on this planet that we've most probably ever seen".

Monday, November 17

Page2 Best Rivalry Contest: Cal/Stanford vs. Ole Miss/Mississippi St.


FBI may collect juveniles' DNA
DNA profiles from hundreds of thousands of juvenile offenders and adults arrested but not convicted of crimes could be added to the FBI's national DNA crime-fighting program under a proposed law moving through Congress.


Atl sports news
Stan Kasten, president of three major league teams in Atlanta, left all three posts Monday. His positions have been the subject of speculation since corporate owner Time Warner decided to sell the teams.


Dumb Stunts, Smart Show
Disney's Mythbusters shows poppy seed bagels can make you flunk a drug test.


Space Ghost Desk and Chair


Keep your brain from going to pot
An altered version of the cannabis chemical THC might help prevent brain damage in head-trauma victims.


Went to Chinatown, got Pearl Milk Green Tea (I feel I should capitalize) and 2 scallion pancakes. Total: under $5.


Went to the Indian Embassy today in NYC to drop off visa forms. We're all getting 10 year visas. Have to pick up the forms at 4:30.

Sunday, November 16

Chi Chi's Hepatitas A cases exceed 500
In western PA; 3 confirmed dead


UK opinions of GWBush
The US President was branded a threat to world peace by a clear majority, 60%, of those questioned by YouGov. More than one in three, 37%, said Mr Bush was 'stupid' while 33% called him 'incoherent'.

Just 7% thought he was a good world leader.