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Monday, May 3

Voting Machine
E-Voting machines have been the
subject of much controversy all
over the world

California Bans E-Vote Machines (audio story)
California Secretary of State Kevin Shelley ended five months of speculation and
announced Friday that he was decertifying all electronic touch-screen voting
machines in the state due to security concerns and lack of voter confidence.

He also said that he was passing along evidence to the state's attorney general
to bring criminal and civil charges against voting-machine-maker Diebold Election
Systems for fraud.

Singer Votes

Singer Lata Mangeshkar
voting in Mumbai

India's First All-Electronic Election Currently in Progress

Every vote in the world's largest democracy is being recorded at the press of a
button. Voting will take place on four dates from April 20 to May 10.

Correspondents described the logistics of providing electronic voting machines at
all 700,000 polling stations as mind-boggling - helicopters, bullock carts and
elephants were all used to ferry the machines to the remotest corners of India.

more on the machines used in India


Added May 13
How the E-Voting Process Turned Out
The new electronic system would allowed the results to be announced within hours
-- a process that took almost two days in past elections. But there are valid
concerns about the machinery.


Added Sept 30
What the U.S. can learn from India's electronic voting machines.
While we in the United States agonize over touch screens and paper trails, India managed to hold an all-electronic vote. Americans seek solace in layer upon layer of technology. The problem is that each layer creates unintended consequences, plugging one hole but creating several new ones.