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Monday, May 17

Gay marriage rally
From February Rally in
(more rally pics)

First State-Sponsored Gay Marriages in US in Massachusetts Today (Slide Show | NPR audio)
The state's Supreme Judicial Court issued a 4-3 ruling in November that gays and
lesbians had a right under the state constitution to wed. Today is the first day that
the ruling goes into effect. Comparable lawsuits are also moving forward in New York,
California, Washington and New Jersey.

Only in-state couples, couples that include at least one Massachusetts resident and
out-of-state couples who have an immediate intention to live in Massachusetts are
eligible according to the governor. Some cities and townships have said they will give
wedding certificates to out-of-staters who want to marry, however.

In February and March of this year, gay marriages were performed in San Francisco.
These marriages were halted by the state of California and declared illegal by
Governor Schwarzenegger.

Bush Calls For Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage