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Saturday, October 2

Middle School where
we painted

Mural I worked on

I volunteered today (pictures)
NetIP Philadelphia volunteered both through the Philadelphia
Cares Day program and the National Gandhi Day program.


Philadelphia Cares Day is a marathon day of service
that gives the children of Philadelphia public school
attractive and more functional learning environments.
150 schools will benefit from fresh coats of paint,
refurbished libraries, landscaped green spaces, restored
playground equipment, and much more. As one of 12,000
volunteers, you will help contribute 60,000 volunteer
hours in just one day!

National Gandhi Day of Service (NGDOS) is an annual event
sponsored by South Asian American Leaders of Tomorrow
(SAALT) to inspire and empower people around the world
through civic engagement and community service. Participants
will be united through Gandhi's common values of equality,
tolerance and nonviolence, regardless of ethnicity, racial
or religious background.