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Saturday, January 31

Georgia considers banning 'evolution'
The state's school superintendent has proposed striking the word evolution from Georgia's science curriculum and replacing it with the phrase 'biological changes over time.'

Religion vs. Science

Teaching evolution in schools was illegal until the Scopes Monkey trial in 1925.


French Cabinet Adopts Headscarf Ban in Public Schools
Chirac said France has a duty to protect French values, notably the constitutional principle of secularism that underpins French society.

Thursday, January 29

Last Car is the Party Car
a "spontaneous, digitally organized" party on BART

More pictures

Tuesday, January 27

Preity Zinta to write monthly column for BBC
"For me, this column is an opportunity to address any issue, from the prospects of mainstream cinema to why Delhi is no longer safe for women. I can write about Indian culture and... life! But it all depends on how I manage the time for it. "

Picture gallery

From April 2004:
Preity Zinta's First BBC Column: 'Odds stacked against Indian women'

Sunday, January 25
Meanwhile in Philadelphia . . .

Saturday, January 24

Top 25 Simpsons sports moments

Friday, January 23

Hey Ya, Charlie Brown
Peanuts does Outkast

Wednesday, January 21
Just got back from India.

Itenerary was :

27 Nov -
Left Philadelphia with parents @3:30 pm.
On Delta to New York, flight from NY left @ 9:20 pm.

28 Nov - lost day bc traveling east

29, 30 Nov -
In Singapore (Me | Parents)

31 Nov - 14 Dec -
In Mumbai

14 Dec -
Saloni gets to India

15 Dec - 20 Dec -
In Bangalore/Mysore/Ooty

20 Dec-
Return to Mumbai

21 Dec - 27 Dec -

21 - 25 Dec : In Surat for wedding
25 - 27 Dec : In Lucknow for reception

Rishita's wedding on 25 Dec.

Chillin' at the

28 Dec - 2 Jan -
In Mumbai.
Parents and Saloni leave on 30 Dec.
Sonali's B'day on 31 Dec
Went to Bombay Gym for New Year's.

2 Jan - 3 Jan -
On train to Delhi

3 Jan - 4 Jan -
In Delhi we stayed with Vaibhav, who went to Tech with Anish and Jinesh. ( Anish's pics| Jinesh's pics)

5 Jan - 6 Jan -
On train to New Jaipalguiri

6 Jan - 8 Jan/9 Jan - 11 Jan -

12 Jan - 14 Jan -
Train from New Jaipalguiri to Delhi runs late by 6 hrs, so we miss our connection in Delhi. Flight from Delhi to Varodora.

14 Jan - 15 Jan -
Uttrayan in Varodora

16 Jan - 17 Jan -
Visit Pandoori, a village in Gujarat. Come back to Varodora on 17th night.

18 Jan - 19 Jan -
Train from Varodora to Mumbai on 18th morning. In Mumbai 18th and 19th.
Ba was staying at Pratul kaka's, which is only a few blocks from Niharmama's.

19 Jan -
Flight to US (technically 20th Jan bc 1:15 am)

20 Jan -
In Singapore for a full day

21 Jan -
Stop in Amsterdam, Reach Newark, take NJTransit to Trenton, ride with parents to Philadelphia

Philly->NYC flight on Delta
Transatlantic and transasiatic flights on Singapore Air
Mumbai -> Bangalore on Jet Airways
Bangalore -> Mumbai, Mumbai <-> Lucknow, Delhi -> Mumbai on Air India

Saloni heard from Harvard Business School. She's in. Nice.