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Thursday, July 24
Neurofeedback improves concentration, performance
from BBC article on how neurofeedback can help musicianship:

"Neurofeedback monitors brain activity through sensors attached to the scalp which filter out the brainwaves. These filtered brainwaves are then 'fed back' to the individual in the form of a video game displayed on a screen. The participant learns to control the game by altering particular aspects of their brain activity. "

Neurofeedback improves concentration:
"Kids don the yellow plastic helmet which is outfitted with tiny sensors inside the helmet that measure the child's brainwaves. The sensors read and transmit the brain signals (wirelessly) to the receiver, which is plugged into a PC. The software then analyzes the signals -- which control focus, relaxation, restlessness and drowsiness -- and the game responds according to how well the child is concentrating."