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Tuesday, September 30

Do the Braves need another title?

The Braves' attendance has dropped during the last six consecutive seasons and the Braves ranked 14th in the percentage of seats filled in the majors this year.

Maybe it's not about the titles. Maybe it's about the magic. When you're good year after year, it's expected. The Braves don't have the kind of the money the Yankees do ("Oh my God, did you see who the Yankees got this year?!") or the kind of small-market feel the A's do ("How are they going to do it this year?!") So there's no egotism and no wonder - just stability, constantly churning out the championships. Solid wins, but solid doesn't sell tickets.

Like Cal Ripken and Stockton to Malone, who no one paid all that much attention to until they were well past their prime and on the way out, the Braves will regain fans once the end is in sight. Only when they become vulnerable will people look back and wonder about what once was.