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Saturday, September 6
Education in the new Millenium

Biometrics (optical scanning) commonly used for purchasing school lunches
Food Service Solutions said its finger-scanning units are in 45 school districts nationwide, scanning approximately 250,000 students daily.

Stressed school staff turn to drink and drugs (UK)
Half of all teachers are deemed to be anxious and depressed over workload and job fears.

Universities divided between idealism and practicality
Universities want to teach ethics and educate more Americans, but at the same time, they also want to provide the practical know-how that corporations need.

The Lengthening of Undergrad Life
Of the students who entered college in 1995 planning to earn a bachelor's degree, only 37 percent succeeded within four years (33 percent from the institution they enrolled in as freshmen), and 63 percent within six years (55 percent from the first institution), according to a study issued in December by the United States Department of Education.