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Monday, February 16

44% of ESPN users call A-Rod to Yankees deal "disgusting" (vote)
the Yanks send Alfonso Soriano and a player to
be named later to the Rangers for the best player
in the game
and $67 million cash

In December, a proposed deal with Boston fell
; in January, Texas made A-Rod captain,
after which he said:"I definitely think I'm going
to be here [in Texas] for a long time. I'm
probably pretty sure it will work out for the best."

Alex Rodriguez: stats (.963 OPS) | contract ($179 mil/ 7yrs left)
Alfonso Soriano: stats (.824 OPS) | contract ($5.4 mil/1 yr)

fantasy spin - Rodriguez and Soriano are drafted in the top 3 (along with Albert Pujols) in most fantasy
leagues, and that won't change (view top 200)

2/17 -
the Boston Sports Guy's say:
"I'm not standing on the ledge. Not even close. I like this stuff. This escalating Red Sox-Yankees feud was
already the most compelling storyline in sports. Now it's even better. This baby is ON. ..

When you think about it, A-Rod selfishly took $252 million from the Rangers, knowing full well that they
wouldn't have enough money to surround him with comparable talent. After three seasons, he bailed on
them and left them for dead. Now he's a good guy because he agreed to play third so he can win a ring?
I don't get it."

2/18 -
Maddux back to the Cubs
Should be a great teacher for Mark Prior, Kerry Wood

top 50 free agents - and where they're going (doesn't include trades)

2/23 @cubs' spring training