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Wednesday, February 18

Is it over?
Dean leaves race

Edwards has some momentum, but Kerry with commanding lead
2161 delegates needed, Kerry has 448, Edwards has 161.
Delegates in Democratic primaries are split proportionally.
(Repub primaries are winner-take-all)

Exit polls show independents voting for Edwards, Dems for Kerry
because they think he can beat Bush...

Race to the Nomination - interactive state-by-state guide to the primaries
10 states (incl. California, NY, GA) decide on March 2, nicknamed "Super Tuesday"

George Stephanopoulos will interview both Kerry and Edwards Sunday on This Week.
ABC is calling it a head-to-head but the interviews are actually separate. The interviews
will focus on jobs, trade and the economy, health care, Iraq, and terrorism.

Kerry and Edwards have both agreed to participate in a debate slated for Feb. 26 in Los Angeles.
Talk-show host Larry King plans to moderate the debate, sponsored by CNN and the Los Angeles
Times. Kucinich and Sharpton also will participate.

from the Wash Post:
Edwards faces a tough road on national security:
"The rationale for Kerry's candidacy is Bush wants a national security debate, therefore you should
pick me because I'm stronger on national security," said Jennifer Palmieri, Edwards's press secretary.
"But why do we give George Bush the debate he wants? We're going to pick a nominee who's
strongest on the issue where he's weakest, the economy. Whether George Bush or John Kerry likes
it or not, the economy is the issue all Americans care about the most, not security."

after watching them both on this week, i think kerry'd make the better
candidate. he has the knowledge/experience to elevate the national
security debate, while john edwards doesn't. edwards needs to make
a strong statement - to show that he's more than the 'two americas'
guy, and i don't think he did that or is capable of doing that...