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Wednesday, March 17

bombed Madrid subway

Spanish voter: Anger guided us
Source: The Modern World

"Let me tell you that I honestly think that we voted not guided by
fear, but guided by anger. In the critical hours after the attack, Aznar's
Government confronted and bipolarized the Spanish people lying and
manipulating even when the truth was alreday obvious for millions.* This
caused an automatic reaction in the low and middle classes thinking "they
make wars against our opinion, then it's our blood who pays them, and
furthermore they're lying us and insulting our deads and our intelligence".
Not a good cocktail for a Government seeking re-election, I'm afraid. "

*from a Washington Post article : Despite evidence to the contrary, Aznar and other officials
telephoned journalists immediately after the bombs exploded, stressing ETA's responsibility
and dismissing speculation that Islamic extremists might be involved.

Added April 4:
Police have acted quickly in finding and apprehending suspects of the Madrid subway bombings
Three suspects blew themselves up rather than surrender to police in a Madrid suburb yesterday.
Another 15 suspects are already in custody. Six have been charged with mass murder and nine
with collaborating with or belonging to a terrorist organization. Eleven of the 15 charged are Moroccan.