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Wednesday, March 24

Condoleezza Rice

"There is a constitutional principle at stake here"
Sources:NBC interview, Gannet News Service

Dr. Rice will not appear under oath before the 9-11 commission, citing executive
privilege and separation of powers.

"We're disappointed that she's not gong to appear to answer our questions,"
said commission Chairman Tom Kean, a Republican former governor of New Jersey.

Rice faces rising anger over refusal to testify in public

Added March 30:
White House caves to pressure: Rice to testify in public under oath;
Bush and Cheney will testify together in private, not under oath

Source: AP Wire

Added April 2:
Focus of administration in Sept. 2001 was missile defense, not terrorism from Islamic radicals
Source:Washington Post

Added April 8: Rice testimony (video | transcript | article)

Added April 11:
August 6, 2001 PDB titled "Bin Laden Determined to Attack Inside the United States" declassified
(article | full text of PDB| what is a PDB?)
PDB did not speculate on the time or place of attack