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Monday, April 26


Gmail (currently in Beta and by invitatation only)
Google's new email service gives users 1 gigabyte of storage, the ability to search, and a variety of other features.

Screenshots and primer "Gmail only innovates where it needs to: threading as default view, the enormous space, use of labels/keywords instead of folders, and the ability to use Google's search power on your email are the main such features."

The future of Gmail - Interview with Google co-founder Sergey Brin


Gmail will scan emails and place ads next to some emails (left). This process has some privacy advocates and government officials concerned.

Discussion of privacy concerns- written by the Chairman of the Electronic Frontier Foundation
Proposed bill would forbid Google from scanning e-mails - From the office of Sen. Liz Figueroa (D-CA)

Added April 30:
Google's Unconventional IPO Analyzed
Includes link to SEC filing

Added May 28:
Californian senators have approved a bill restricting Gmail
The bill would force Google to scan messages in real time and ban it
from producing records of what people are mailing each other about.

The final decision on whether it becomes law falls to California Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger who can approve it or decide to terminate(!) it.