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Wednesday, May 19

Chinese Farmer
Chinese Farmer

Reducing Poverty in Rural China (transcript)
This documentary looks at how China succeeded in reducing poverty on a large scale.

Many mountain dwellers have moved into cities and started working in factories.
While not all migrants get jobs, those that do can send money back to their villages.

In rural areas, the government is rehabilitating eroded land and returning land from
communal farms back to individual families.

Despite these efforts to reduce poverty, economic inequality is still a growing problem.

Is China's Economic Growth Sustainable?

China: Maturing Power
NYTimes Feature

China: A Maturing Power
In this audiovisual presentation, Nicholas Kristof investigates how globalization is
changing China.

Individual sections explore China's relationship with Japan and North Korea, the
changing face of the Communist Party, labor unrest in the cities, emigration from
the villages, and the role of the Internet in Chinese life.