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Saturday, May 29

Thurgood Marshall
Fifty years after Brown v.
, many Southern schools
are resegrating.

Resegregation an Alarming Problem in DeKalb County
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Fifty years ago, when the Supreme Court ruled that segregated schools
were "inherently unequal," Southwest DeKalb's student body was all white.
Today, all but three of Southwest DeKalb's 1,570 students are African-
American. It is a scene being played out throughout metropolitan Atlanta
and the South--the region that fought hardest against desegregation and
then worked the hardest to make it work.

"Nine out of 10 times, all-black or all-Latino schools have concentrated
poverty." said Gary Orfield, co-director of The Civil Rights Project. "That
relates to lower test scores, a higher dropout rate, less-qualified teachers,
fewer course offerings and fewer connections with colleges."

Black Children might have been Better Off Without Brown v. Board, Scholar Says