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Sunday, May 30

Rising Gas Prices
The high costs of crude oil
and refining
are two reasons
gas is so expensive.

Minnesota Gas Stations Fined for Charging too Little
A law the state adopted in 2001 in an effort to protect small service-station
businesses prohibits gas stations from selling gas without taking a minimum
profit. These days, they must charge at least 8 cents per gallon, plus taxes,
more than they paid for it.

On Friday, the Commerce Department announced a $70,000 fine against
Murphy Oil for breaking the law at its 10 Minnesota stations and fined Kwik
Trip Inc. $5,000 for violations at one station.

With US oil prices at a record high and many drivers cutting back on their
gasoline usage
, convenience store owners are feeling pressure to cut back
on profits
and keep prices low.

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Added June 1:
Oil Price Hits 21-Year High After al-Qa'ida Attack in Saudi Arabia