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Tuesday, May 25

Lariam is used to prevent malaria
but recent evidence shows it may
have severe side effects.

Mosquitos in subtropical regions
give malaria to 500 million people
per year.

Pentagon Studies Lariam's Side Effects after Soldiers' Suicides
Lariam is suspected in two recent cases where military officers committed
suicide after taking the anti-malaria drug. While the Pentagon studies the
affect of the drug, the Defense Department will continue handing out the
drug to U.S. military service personnel in some regions where malaria is a

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention warns of possible "visual
disturbances" associated with Lariam, also known by its generic name,
mefloquine. "Mefloquine has rarely been reported to cause serious side
effects, such as seizures, depression and psychosis," the CDC's Web site

Lariam has been prescribed to more than 20 million people since the FDA
approved the durg in 1989. Approximately 500 million clinical cases of
malaria occur every year with approximately 2.7 million deaths.

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