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Sunday, May 23

Delta Song
Low-cost airlines, like Delta's
Song, compete by keeping
maintenance costs low

Free Delta flights for 'being nice'
Delta's low-fare carrier, Song, says it will offer customers free tickets
if they are nice to one another during flights.

Customers who, for example, help others with their bags, or remain
positive and upbeat during delays or difficulties are thought most
likely to be rewarded.

Song hopes the initiative will build customer loyalty and generate
more revenue for Delta.

Delta Forces Pilots to Take Pay Cut to Keep Prices Low
CEO Gerald Grinstein: "To [become profitable], our team must be
characterized by determination, agility and a willingness to run the
company in non-traditional ways."

DeGaulle collapses
A portion of Paris's Charles
De Gaulle airport collapsed

Paris Airport Terminal 2E Collapses, Killing 6 Travelers
"It's the structure that gave way, the structure itself," said the
president of the Paris airports authority.

The collapse happened just 11 months after the terminal opened
following several construction delays.

Terminal 2E, which has more than 50 flights a day, is intended
eventually to have a capacity of 10 million passengers a year.