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Monday, May 10

Southwest plane
Southwest 737 Plane
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Southwest Airlines Enters the Philadelphia Market (audio)
The Philadelphia airport has been dominated almost exclusively by US Airways for years. But if US Airways doesn't change its cost structure, it will not be able to compete with Southwest and may have to declare bankruptcy.

Philadelphia has been an underserved market, being the fifth largest U.S. city but ranking 17th in terms of passenger traffic.

Inside Hartsfield
Hartsfield-Jackson airport

Delta Considers Bankruptcy
Delta officials issued a statement today saying that if pilots do not accept a pay cut, Delta will have to declare bankruptcy. Delta's pilot costs are 50 percent to 60 percent higher than restructured pilot contracts at other legacy carriers.

The financial well-being of Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport is largely tied to Delta, as the carrier contributes 20 percent of the airport's yearly revenue of $250 million through passenger, landing and rental fees. Delta and its 30,000 employees have an economic impact of $11 billion on metro Atlanta each year.

How Hartsfield Became Hartsfield-Jackson