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Thursday, May 6

Spider Baseball
Spiderman ads on the bases

The tangled web of sports and advertising
As part of a marketing alliance between Major League Baseball Properties, Columbia
Pictures and Marvel Studios, webbed logos of the upcoming film "Spider-Man 2" will appear
on bases and on-deck circles in 15 stadiums of teams playing host to interleague games
June 11-13.

In response to the plans to place spiderweb patterns and ads on baseball fields,
advocacy group Commercial Alert is urging a boycott of Sony products and films.


Added May 7:
Baseball and Columbia Pictures scale back promotion in response to backlash
Spiderwebs will not appear on the bases

Michael Moore
Michael Moore

Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush (audio)
The Walt Disney Company is blocking its Miramax division from distributing a new
documentary by Michael Moore that harshly criticizes President Bush.

The film, "Fahrenheit 911," links Mr. Bush and prominent Saudis — including the family
of Osama bin Laden — and criticizes Mr. Bush's actions before and after the Sept. 11
terrorist attacks.

Disney CEO Michael Eisner said Wednesday that Disney did not want to sponsor a
partisan film in the midst of the presidential race, but that it was "a totally appropriate
" and should find another distributor fairly easily.


Added May 14:
Miramax chiefs buy back Moore's film from Miramax Films
Miramax Films chiefs Bob and Harvey Weinstein will distribute the movies
themselves, independent of Miramax and Disney.