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Monday, May 24

Tom Glavine won 11 division
championships as a member of
the Atlanta Braves. He signed
with the New York Mets before
the 2003 season.

Tom Glavine's First One-Hitter Comes in a Mets' Uniform
"After the warmup, I knew I had good stuff," Glavine said. "After the first
inning, I knew I had good location."

While the Braves miss starting pitchers Tom Glavine, who had five twenty
win seasons in 16 seasons with the Braves, and Greg Maddux, who won at
least 15 games all 11 seasons he was with the Braves, they have had
decent starting pitching this season.

But hitting has been a different story. Last year, the Braves scored the
most runs in the league. But Javier Lopez, Gary Sheffield, and Vinny
Castilla left in the offseason. The Braves offense is also battling injuries.

Last week, the Braves struck out 18 times against Ben Sheets on Sunday
and were on the wrong side of a perfect game by Randy Johnson on

Said Chipper Jones, "I think you can say, without a shadow of a doubt,
we've reached a new all-time low." The Braves, winners of 12 straight
division championships, are currently 20-22.