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Wednesday, June 23

Moe's Grill

Atlanta-based Tex-Mex Restaurant Expanding Rapidly
Started in December 2000, there are now 135 Moe's restaurants in 15 states,
with only one owned by parent company Raving Brands. Another 700
restaurants are under contract, and Moe's plans to expand to 1,000 locations
in 45 states by 2008.

Compare that to Baja Fresh Mexican Grill, which owns half of its 301 eateries,
and Chipotle, which owns all but eight of its 350 restaurants.

Moe's charges franchisees a one-time $20,000 fee and gets 5 percent of each
restaurant's annual net sales. The franchisees also contribute to a pool used
for advertising; in exchange, corporate officials help scout out the best

Welcome to Moe's!
Its name is based on a Three Stooges character. The menu is filled with
references to "Seinfeld" and other TV shows. And employees are required to
greet every customer with a shout of "Welcome to Moe's!"