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Tuesday, June 22

Dobbs' Newsletter Touts Firms He Criticized for Offshoring
Mr. Dobbs, host of the popular CNN program "Lou Dobbs Tonight," is a fierce critic of
U.S. companies that replace American workers with cheap overseas labor. He routinely
blasts the move, dubbed offshoring, in his "Exporting America" segments of the
program, and recently railed against corporations that were doing "very well" while
"working men and women in this country" are "simply being screwed."

But Mr. Dobbs has used his private newsletter, the Lou Dobbs Money Letter, to
endorse the stocks of some of the very companies he criticizes as exporters of jobs. In
the August 2003 issue, Mr. Dobbs described the newsletter's mission thus: "Every
month I introduce you to people that I believe bring a lot of value to the table. They run
good companies, they look out for their employees, and they care about the

A review found that eight of 14 companies Mr. Dobbs extolled in his newsletter were
listed on his show's CNN Web site as offshoring offenders.