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Wednesday, June 2

Muhammad Ali
Is John Kerry channeling
Muhammad Ali or a Sock

Presidential Rope a Dope
So far, Kerry (who certainly can claim tough-guy credentials) has been fairly
careful in his responses when it comes to the negative ads. In fact, he has
been fairly careful, even quiet, when it comes to his side of the campaign.

According to the accepted political philosophy, Kerry is making a dire
mistake. But maybe Kerry is employing another time-tested strategy
perfected in the ring by Muhammad Ali: The Rope a Dope.

Newsweek offers up the Sock Puppet Theory described by an interviewee
who had just listened to another careful Kerry speech: "Kerry did not
address Iraq as clearly as I would have liked. But my dislike of George Bush
overrides everything at this point. You can put a sock puppet next to Bush
and I would vote for it."

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