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Tuesday, June 15

Indian call center worker
Many companies are
outsourcing jobs, though
few jobs actually go

Naive Outsourcing Stirs Up Trouble
Over 80 percent of enterprises across Europe have suffered serious problems
resulting from a widespread "naive readiness" to outsource software development
and the maintenance of core business applications according to a study
conducted by Meta Group.

Common problems included time and cost overruns, together with issues arising
from the outsourcer's failure to adhere to specifications and requirements.

Peter O'Neill, vice president at Meta Group, said "We were surprised at the naive
readiness and lack of due diligence with which some companies jumped into
outsourcing their core business applications."

Few Layoffs in US Caused by International Outsourcing
9 percent of U.S. layoffs during the first quarter were due to outsourcing, but only
2 percent were sent overseas.