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Friday, July 2

Downloads of the Mozilla
browser hit an all time high the
day after CERT recommended
switching from IE for
security reasons.

Feds Warn Against Internet Explorer
The U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, known as CERT,
issued a "vulnerability note" saying that computer users should not use
the Internet Explorer browser because of security vulnerabilities that
hackers can exploit to launch attacks on personal computers and
corporate networks.

The security lapses can cause a Web site to make the browser think, in
effect, that it is running a program that violates its security settings. The
Web site can then be used to do anything from recording keystrokes,
which make it easier to steal passwords and credit-card numbers, to
installing pop-up-ad programs.

CERT is suggesting that computer users take steps such as applying
security updates to Outlook e-mail programs and maintaining antivirus
software, and using alternative Web browsers.

Tech Industry Begs for Oversight
Some major computer companies, including Microsoft and Computer
Associates International, issued a report in April that said the Homeland
Security Department "should examine whether tailored government action
is necessary" to compel improvements in the design of computer
software. The report focused on sensitive computer networks such as
those operating banks, telephone networks or water pipelines.