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Monday, July 5

Ayacucho riots
Rioting teachers set fire to a hotel
in Ayacucho. Educators are demanding
higher wages and accusing the
government of trying to privatize
public schools.

Macchu Picchu
Incan structures at Macchu
. 80% of Peru is mountainous.


so the peruvian airline situation is a mess, but it's
better than riding through ayacucho with the riots.

Aero Continente's founder Fernando Zevallos is on a US
list as a drug kingpin and they've frozen his assets,
but I don't know how that affects the airline if at
all. Seems like a soap opera.

LanPeru has its own problems. On Wednesday, a Peruvian
judge ordered flights of LanPeru to be grounded,
saying it had violated several civil aviation norms
including operating with irregular permits. LanPeru
rejected the court order and has continued its flights
(as you can tell). CEO Vlamir Domic said his airline
would not stop flying, noting several months of
attempts to ground it "have always failed."

The company that filed the suit against LanPeru to
stop flying is connected to Aero Continente.

Violent riots in Peru have scared away many
that were expected to show for the big Copa
soccer tournament. Peru's Chamber of Tourism
said it expected 10,000 tourists for the July 6-25
12-nation event, down from an initial private sector
estimate of 30,000.

So hopefully you're able to navigate the airlines,
avoid the riots, and catch some drinks with crazy
soccer fans. We'll talk to you when you're back in the


[Update: The government passed an emergency stay for
LanPeru, ensuring flights will continue through Copa

Aero Continente's insurance agency pulled its contract
with Aero Continente in relation to the airline's drug issues,
but the Peruvian government filed another emergency stay
to allow Aero Continente to stay in the air through the
end of Copa America. ]