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Sunday, July 11

Cali colored

There's no love for
California in the
Electoral College.

When States Rights = States Wrongs
California and its population of 33.7 million get 55 electoral votes, while the 26.6 million
residents of the 17 least populated states and the District of Columbia comprise 67
electoral votes.

One blogger envisions separating California into 23 new states, the smallest of which
would still have a larger population than Wyoming. The largest state, the state of Los
Angeles, would have 9.8 million residents and be the 8th most populous state in the new

This would have the fortunate effect of giving California 46 senators, and would allow
California senators to more accurately represent the diversity of political opinions held
throughout the state. And allow America to hopefully get a popularly elected Commander
in Chief.

Red/Blue Quiz
More accurate than obvious; I'm a mental moderate.