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Friday, October 22

Big Weekend in Philly
I've got a big weekend planned in Philadelphia - between
the South Asian Writing celebration put together by
Project IMPACT on Saturday, doing Kerry canvassing on
Sunday, and volunteering for the Kerry/Clinton event on
Monday morning, it'd be a full weekend. But I'll be out of

For anyone who wants to go to the Kerry/Clinton event,
it's going to be this coming Monday morning @10am at
Love Park at the cross-streets of 16th Street and
Benjamin Franklin Parkway. For more info, call

Clinton could become head of the UN if Kerry is elected
president. Kofi Annan's UN Secretary-General term ends
in 2006 and Clinton has said he would like that position.
Clinton is popular worldwide, especially in Third World
countries, but would require US federal government
sponsorship to become head of the UN.