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Sunday, October 17

She gave the shirt off
her back to charity.

Sarah McLachlan's World on Fire
I'm not a Sarah McLachlan fan - she sings melancholy music
which can be ok in small doses, but not really a fan...

What she did with her new video for the song World on Fire
is pretty cool though - she spent the $150,000 that it would take
to film a new video, donated that amount to charity, and noted how
it was used. She only spent $15 on the actual video, presumably for
film and stuff. It's a bit of a publicity stunt, because surely she's
rich enough to donate the $150 K AND make a $150 K video, but
whatever - maybe she's trying to inspire others to donate as well.

I have 2 "Huh?" questions about this video:
1. The video surely didn't just cost $15. It's pretty graphics
intensive and there's a lot of footage from Third World countries.
I know documentary filmmakers are constantly applying for grants
to try to get enough cash to travel and stuff so they can film. A
side page on the site shows where the $150,000 was donated
and how it was used
, but I want proof that the video actually
only cost $15.
2. What, was a shirt not part of the allotted budget? Is she trying
to feel at one with the world's poor who can afford designer denim
but no top? What's up with that? (not necessarily complaining, but

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