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Wednesday, November 3

Gen. Wesley Clark

Last Election-Related Political Post
With Bush's victory over John Kerry, who will be
the national face of the Democratic Party? Will
we continue to hang onto the '90s and the Clintons?
Will General Wesley Clark, a new member of the
Democratic Party, continue to play a role? Who's
left? Barack Obama, Harold Ford, John Edwards, and
Joe Trippi (yes, Joe Trippi).

It looks bleak, but liberal-minded people cannot be
happy with the way this is going and progressive
leaders will have to emerge.

Some likely themes/ideas of this
second Bush term:
* Neoconservatism
* Trickle-down economics
* Blurring line between church and state
* Abolishment of Roe v. Wade
* Stacking the court
* War on Terror
* Baghdad Burning
* Regime Change
* Outsoucing
* No-bid contracts
* Rising cost of education, health care
* Ballooning Debt, Cheapening Dollar
* Privatizing Social Security
* Eroding civil liberties
* Git-mo!