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Friday, November 12

Iverson Answers the Call Against the Pacers | article

Iverson hit the first buzzer-beating shot of his career
today after going 4-for-22 in the rest of the game.

Said coach Jim O'Brien, "His shots didn't fall until the
last one, and who cares about the others?"

O'Brien took the Celtics to the playoffs in the 2000-2001,
2001-2002, and 2002-2003 seasons after Rick Pitino left
them for dead in January 2001 (the middle of the 2000-2001
season). The Celtics were crap in the couple of seasons
before O'Brien became head coach and have been crap since
he left, but he managed to coach some pretty sorry talent
(with the notable exception of Paul Pierce) to a couple of
winning seasons.

O'Brien's known for his star-friendly coaching ways
(Boston had Pierce and Walker) and I'm looking forward
to Iverson going off for a winning team this year.