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Thursday, December 2

I've decided to do Google/Yahoo ads for all the companies
that emailed me back (a total of 6), including one for Ace
. The owner's son is a good friend of mine and
currently in Beirut on business, where massive rallies
consisting of thousands, tens of thousands, or hundreds of
of Lebanese (depending on who you believe) are
currently taking place. The demonstrators are protesting UN
Resolution 1557, which calls on Syria to pull its troops out of

"The United States, France or the United Nations have no
right to come and interfere in internal Lebanese affairs," said
AhmAd Barini, a 23-year-student bussed in from north
Lebanon for the march. "The issue of the Syrian presence is
between Syria and Lebanon."

My friend went clubbing with work friends last night
escorted by an armed guard. Sounds fun.

Don't leave, Syria!