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Thursday, January 6

The Washington Post has an article on my favorite actor, Don Cheadle, who I've seen in Picket Fences, Traffic, and Ocean's Eleven. His newest movie, Hotel Rwanda, is about how one hotel owner saved over 1,000 refugees from being massacred during the genocide in Rwanda in the 1990s.

From the article:
Cheadle felt so strongly about the story that, when director Terry George approached him to play the role, he didn't take offense at George's caveat: If Denzel or Will Smith showed interest, then all bets were off. George would have to go with the A-list, the better to obtain funding. After all, movies about massacres in central Africa aren't generally considered a box office bonanza.

Yes, of course, Cheadle told him, in an anecdote that has become part of the press junket lore. "I thought getting [the movie] made would trump me being in it," Cheadle says.

Don Cheadle, a Star But Still in Character