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Monday, January 10
I'm copying the Kottke format for this post - a number of links followed by a regular post.

* Stanford B-School woos India Inc
Married, armed and dangerous - a couple in Mumbai started an air rifle school
Deer causes crash - on the Northeast Extension of the Pennsylvania Turnpike
Furore over Mumbai slum demolition drive - 200,000 left without shelter
Waiting for a TV Technology to Inherit the Future - different standards fighting for control of the television market
Columbia House Plans Porn Club - called "Hush"
* Blink excerpts - from the new book by the author of Tipping Point

* Starbucks drinks explained


Is Favre Done?
Four picks against a Vikings defense that had 11 interceptions all year, two straight playoff losses in Lambeau, and he's looking older by the game. Maybe Favre should go into politics. Or acting..

The Eagles and Falcons should make the NFC Championship Game easily, each facing off against a mediocre team that struggled to go 8-8 in the regular season. The Pats and the Colts on the other hand will fight to the death in Foxboro. My pick is the Colts - the Pats have dominated the rivalry so far, but their banged up defense goes against a Colt offense coming off a record-setting year.