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Monday, January 24

Social Networking Sites: Reloaded | article

  • MySpace has become more popular than Friendster
  • .
  • A lead venture capitalist for Friendster says Friendster will
    become profitable "within 90 days", but doesn't reveal how.


* Nail embedded in man's skull for 6 days - he started having toothaches
How Iraq war affecting American Brands in Europe (graph)-
AOL, Exxon, McDs, AmEx, Barbie, Bud most hated
Amazon, Kleenex, Kraft, Visa, Gillette still loved
Recent Spate of Lansdale Bank Robberies - five banks since Nov.29, one suspect
PHP Fastest Growing Programming Language of 2004 -
Most popular overall: C, Java, C++, PHP, VB, Perl, SQL
The Long Tail - small volume, many titles, cheap advertising = more profits.
aacPlus will replace MP3 - it takes up less bandwidth and sounds better