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Sunday, February 13

Fatty McFat

Fast Food and No Sidewalks
Six out of 10 Americans are obese, so there's plenty to go around. Lower-income urban areas have disproportionately high numbers of fast food outlets and disproportionately low numbers of grocery stores selling fresh foods. Fresh food is more expensive because of yield, transport, and storage costs. But in the middle-class suburbs, ppl usually just drive and in many places there aren't even sidewalks. Not exercising is bad for your health, but if you go for a walk and get nailed by a car, that's even worse. A poor urban person is more likely to be obese than a middle-class suburban person, but, socioeconomics being equal, people are more likely to be obese in the suburbs.


Highlights of Obesity and the Built Environment: Improving Public Health Through Community Design
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America's obesity problem is big news