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Thursday, February 24

I've never liked Chris Webber
He's a whiner and a choker. I've always felt the Sacramento Kings had serious Ewing Theory potential - especially a few years ago when they also had Peja, Bibby, Vlade, Bobby Jackson, and Hedo Turkolu. They'd be able to hang in games even without Webber, and Webber was always a liability down the stretch.

When I first saw Webber's face splashed on ESPN today and the headline said he was headed to Philly, I was like oh crap, they traded AI. This feeling lasted for longer than it should've because the page wouldn't load ( is bloated and my comp sucks).. but when I finally got to the article and realized they weren't talking about who the 76ers traded, I knew it couldn't be Iverson. I still read intently, wondering which young gun(s) they traded -- Korver, Dalembert, or Igudala. Those guys have shown some real talent this season, given AI some help on offense.. And the 6ers didn't give any of them up! I've never liked Chris Webber, but it's hard not to like this trade if you're a Philadelphia fan. The Sixers can use Webber to take punishment away from Iverson during the game, and AI or Korver can take the last second shots.

This Sixers team has a great chance to win the Atlantic and take a series or two in the playoffs.