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Monday, March 7

NYC Club Steals Money from Homeless
Apparently a "legendary rock venue", CBGB can't make rent and has been stiffing it's landlord--a charity organization that's dedicated to raising money for homeless shelters. The charity, Bowery Residents' Committee Inc., has been paying the city on CBGB's behalf since 2001 because this club won't pay rent for the space it's using. Then when the charity steps up and tries to evict CBGB, the club fires back with a lawsuit calling itself a "New York City institution" ?!

And I did a Google search and it seems people are actually sticking up for these guys. Insane. They should make a slogan: "CBGB: Making sure the Homeless Don't Have Shelters since 2001" and see how many people show up. Actually, according to the article, the club isn't up to the safety code either, so maybe the slogan should be: "CBGB: Making sure the Homeless Don't Have Shelters so You Can Go Down in Flames Since 2001". (NYT Story, MTV Story)