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Tuesday, March 15

I know Narendra Modi is a controversial figure, probably a racist, and that the riots in Gujarat in 2002 happened under his watch. And it's worth noting that the writer of the following article is a Fellow at the Brookings Institute. But I don't know enough to take a stance on the issue of whether he supported genocide and what that would say about American business:

Modi’s Operandi: American Business and Genocide Linked Again?
By Muqtedar Khan

The Asian American Hotel Owner Association (AAHOA), despite strong protests from several civil rights organizations and the Coalition Against Genocide is determined to honor Narendra Modi at their annual convention in Ft. Lauderdale, FL (March 22-24, 2005). Narendra Modi was indicted by many international humanitarian organizations for perpetrating a pogrom of mass murder, rape and arson against religious minorities in Gujarat in 2002 while he was the Chief Minister of that state in India. Even India’s Supreme Court acknowledged his complicity in the pogrom against minorities.

It is a shame that an American business organization, motivated by ethnic loyalty and greed has decided to overlook heinous crimes against humanity to honor him in exchange for investment opportunities in India. It is particularly hard to imagine such callous institutions in our midst even as we lecture the world on freedom, democracy and the rule of law. The AAHOA is sending a signal that while the Bush administration is determined to spread democracy they are determined to do business with mass murderers who have absolutely no regard for human life or rule of law. (Full Article)