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Monday, April 11

We went to Trocadero but it was near the end of their set and besides they had a $27 entrance fee so we didn't go in. We asked some locals and found our way to the Khyber on 2nd Street. We listened to Turing Machine (pictured) and Mono from Japan - both rocked and at 2 they were done and we left and we went to a pizza joint where we started talking to random chics about politics, medical school, and random 'it's a small world' common friends. Then at 3:30 we ended up at Little Pete's, where we ordered some chicken fingers, some shrimp, and some french fries with the goal of staying there until the first trains/buses left the city at 7:30. We managed to stay until about 6:30 when a homeless guy came in with a massive case of the shakes and we felt since the Little Pete's staff kicked him out that we should leave as well. We spent another hour in the lobby of some hotel, sleeping, until we all caught transportation home to New York City, San Francisco, or, in my case, the Philly suburbs.